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Steel House Copenhagen is owned by Copenhagen's largest hotel chain, Arp-Hansen Hotel Group, and when you book an overnight stay directly on our website, we guarantee that you get it at the lowest online price.

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On this page, you can see what the advantages are of booking a dorm bed or a private room at Steel House Copenhagen – directly via this website. See also our Terms and conditions of price guarantee if you are unsure about when and where it applies.

Vacant dorm beds and rooms
During periods when Steel House Copenhagen only has a few vacant dorm beds or rooms, you are most likely to find what you are looking for directly through us. Steel House Copenhagen offers a high level of flexibility, as we know exactly which of our dorm beds and rooms are vacant.

Instant reservation
When you book directly on this website, we receive your reservation immediately. This means that you can also make changes to your booking quickly and easily.

Booking without the middleman

Book directly on this website to avoid unnecessary middlemen and hidden fees.

Secure transaction with SSL encryption
We protect your personal data, and all payments are made via a secure, encrypted line, making it safe and secure to shop on this website.

Direct support
We work and are physically present at Steel House Copenhagen. This puts us in the very best position to help you with your booking of a dorm bed or a room.

Offers you won't find elsewhere
You receive a number of special offers that you won't find elsewhere.

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