Facilities at our hostel

At Steel House Copenhagen, we cultivate community. We give you the perfect setting for cooking, doing sports, chilling in our café, reading a juicy thriller in our lounge area, working, taking a dip in our pool, and that’s just for starters... Enjoy a cold drink or take a look at our wide range of delicious beers in our bar, while the evening entertainment kicks off at our Venue.

Head out into the diversity that is Copenhagen, where popular attractions, trendy retro cafés, vibrant nightlife and shopping are just a stone’s throw from the city’s new luxury hostel. 

Free WiFi

You will find free WiFi in all dorms/rooms and communal areas, so you can be online from morning to night – with the best WiFi in Copenhagen to boot!
We know how important it is to have a good, reliable (and fast!) connection to the outside world, enabling you to contact friends and family, and to continue your online habits when you’re on holiday or on a business trip in the city. 



Parking is not a problem at Steel House Copenhagen - with 60 parking spaces located just underneath the Hostel, parking is fast, safe and really easy to access. Upon arrival just ask the reception for instructions. Our parking is on a “first come, first serve” basis and cannot be booked in advance.

Price for 24 hours: DKK 210,-


Experience Copenhagen like the locals do. Rent a bike. Ride carefully.

Explore the city like a Copenhagener and rent a bike for just DKK 75,- for 3 hours or DKK 130,- for a full day until midnight.

Some facts about Copenhagen cyclists:

The average cycling speed in Copenhagen is 15.5 km/h. On “green wave” stretches, the speed rises to about 20 km/h.

  • Together with the Netherlands, Denmark is the country in the world where the most trips are cycled.The proportion of cycling trips is the same in Amsterdam and Copenhagen, i.e. 29% of all trips.
  • 63% of all Copenhageners cycle to their place of work or education every day.
  • 4 out of 5 Copenhageners have access to a bicycle.
  • 3 out of 4 of Copenhageners who cycle do so all year round.
  • There are 700,000 bicycles in Copenhagen.
  • 28% of all Copenhagen families with 2 children have a carrier bike for transporting their kids.  

Self-service kitchen

We offer luxurious and fully equipped kitchen facilities. Now, you and your friends can be the master chefs of your own dinner! You can store your food and ingredients in our fridges available. So stock up on the best local products, cook dinner in our fabulous urban setting and enjoy your meal in our nice dining area with your friends and our other guests. Pretty cool, right?

Our kitchen is open daily from 6am – 12am, and you can use it for your full stay for DKK 20,-. Head to the front desk when you arrive, and our good staff will fill you in on the rules for using our self-service kitchen. 

Steel House Bar

Feeling like a snack? then visit the Steel House Copenhagen bar! Here you can always find some easy snacks. Even if you missed our breakfast, we offer skyr, croissants, and cold sandwiches! Did you hear the best part? You are always welcome to use a delivery service and have it in our common areas and enjoy a cold drink or craft beer from our bar. We have a lovely outdoor area, where you can sit down with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, a snack, or a refreshing drink if the weather allows.

Read more about our breakfast here

During the night, our bar is turned into a natural hangout-spot for our guests. Meet locals as well as international globetrotters from all across the world over a couple of local beers, wine, cocktails and other drinks (and at reasonable prices!). Moreover, our bar is a great place to have a little pre-party before heading out to experience the vibrant nightlife of Copenhagen, but if you want to stay, you are more than welcome to hang out with us until we close the bar. You might even join one of our many events



Games Room

Fancy challenging your friends, the other guests or one of us? Our Games Room is a good place to hang out in the afternoon and a great place to meet other guests in the evening when the atmosphere is cheerful. Here, you can have a good time challenging your friends for a round of table football, showing the other guests your skills at the pool table or try our Shuffleboard. If you want to be guaranteed a game at our Shuffleboard, you can make a reservation here.


Guns or buns of steel? No worries! We got you covered with our fully equipped and modern gym. In our gym, you’ll have the opportunity to lift some weights or go for a run on our treadmill. We have facilities for both weightlifting and cardio, plus equipment for TRX and CrossFit. Moreover, we arrange workout sessions and yoga classes, which you can sign up for at our front desk. Our gym is open every day from 6am – 10pm and can be used for up to 2 hours for just DKK 20,- per person. 



The Danes are world-famous for the concept ‘hygge’, so if you want to learn more about ‘hygge’, you should definitely check out our lounge. Our lounge is the perfect place to chill out after a long day of sightseeing or a long night of partying. Located right next to the bar, this space is made for relaxation with its comfy sofas and fireplace. So lean back and read a book, borrow one of our board games or finish your last tasks on your laptop – our lounge is the perfect place for a moment of tranquillity.

Later in the evening, the atmosphere becomes livelier as our guests settle in the lounge to enjoy a drink from our bar or a live concert with a local band. So if you are lacking some ‘hygge’ in your life, we encourage you to stop by and hang out at our lounge.



We believe that films should be watched on the big screen! At Steel House Copenhagen, we therefore have our very own atmospheric in-house cinema to bring you the best home entertainment experience in urban settings. Our cinema is made exclusively for our guests and has room for up to 25 people.

Fancy a movie night or maybe a series marathon? In our cinema on the lower ground floor, we facilitate all kinds of cool set-ups, and it might even happen that we show the FIFA tournament, an interesting presentation or a kick-off meeting for a new, exciting project. Are you ready? 



A hostel with a pool in central Copenhagen? Yes, you got that right! In fact, Steel House Copenhagen is one of the few accommodations in Copenhagen offering a pool with exclusive use for its guests. In our 40 m2 pool situated on the lower ground floor, you can go for a morning swim with The Little Mermaid or return after a long day and treat yourself with a relaxing dip. The pool is open every day from 6AM – 10PM and can be used for the price of just DKK 20,- per person per hour. Please contact our front desk for further information or if you have any questions at all. Book time for a dip in our pool here

SoMe Garden

Our SoMe Garden is a calm oasis created especially for the Facebookusers, Instagrammers and workaholics. In this calm and inviting corner, you can enchant yourself in important work tasks, Photoshop and filter segmentation, or write your daily Facebook update keeping friends and family updated on your latest adventures around Copenhagen.

Our SoMe Garden is located on the right-hand of the entrance, next to the big windows – from where you’ll also have an inspiring view to the buzzing streets of Copenhagen.


The Venue

On the lower ground floor, you’ll find ‘The Venue’ – a multi-use space with a great sound system customised for different events and purposes, such as concerts and other happenings requiring a slightly larger capacity. Ready for a party or small concert with artists from home and abroad, this is the place to go. Our Venue is also used for other kinds of entertaining events, such as stand-up comedy shows, dance lessons, karaoke or public presentations.

In other words, The Venue is created to meet the requirements of most types of events. If you want to know what we have scheduled during your stay, you are welcome to contact a staff member or the front desk. 

“Perform for your dorm!”
At Steel House Copenhagen, we are looking for music bands and musicians, who want to perform in The Venue and get their stay for free!
Get the chance to play in one of the coziest hostels in Copenhagen!
Contact us for further details : d.biagini@steelhousecopenhagen.com


Laundry room

If you need to take care of some dirty laundry while traveling, you can use our laundry room located on the lower ground floor. It is self-serviced but can be used whenever it suits you. In our laundry room, you have access to both laundry machines and drycleaners, which each costs DKK 20,- to use.


TV Room

In case you just want to watch some regular TV programmes, and maybe on a smaller scale than we offer in our cinema, we also have a nice and cosy TV room. It happens that a smaller group of guests are using the room to watch a film, but our TV is mainly dedicated to everyone who enjoys watching regular TV programmes, the news or sports. With access to this room, you are sure not to miss an important football match, Tour De France or the weekly episode of your favourite reality programme when staying with us.  Finally, this is also where we invite our guests to participate in our workout sessions or perhaps a peaceful yoga class.