Tivoli in Copenhagen

Discover the Magic of Tivoli Gardens

Never been to Tivoli in Copenhagen before? Then it's about time! The amusement park is all about family time, candy floss and coloured lights. All year round, Tivoli Gardens invite you to themed entertainment – in the summer, at Halloween and when it’s Christmas time.

The great thing about Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen is that you will always find new stalls, new rides and beautiful, new decorations and expressions to overwhelm you. The WOW experience starts the moment you walk through the gate to the magical Tivoli universe.

The fairy tale gardens

A day or an evening in Tivoli's fairy tale universe is a magical experience for most people – children as well as adults.

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen has it all, attracting expectant tourists and locals, who enjoy all that Tivoli Gardens have to offer every day.

Get a fun ride in the wild roller coasters, enjoy the view in the tall rides and ride the the many family-friendly carousels – all in the garden's magical glow.

Rides at Tivoli

Copenhagen's Tivoli is full of fun, crazy and family-friendly rides, the best known of which include:

  • The Golden Tower

  • The Demon

  • Vertigo

  • The Star Flyer

  • The Bumper Cars

  • The Flying Trunk

Fun rides at Tivoli Copenhagen


In 2016, a brand new ride came to Tivoli – Fatamorgana. A 3-in-1 ride, which is wild, mild and somewhere in between – all at once. At the bottom of the ride you'll find mini bumper cars, and above them, Fatamorgana extends 45 metres into the air.

You are promised an amazing view if you are brave enough to try the part of the ride where you are thrown about at 2,5G – at the very top. Have fun!


Vertigo is Tivoli Garden's wildest and fastest ride. You are the pilot of your own plane, flying at 100 km/h – with 360-degree loop-the-loops! It feels as if you are about to crash when the cockpit nosedives towards the ground and, at 5G, your body is exposed to five times the gravitational acceleration!

This ride is definitely not for the faint-hearted, but it'll be fun and challenging for those who like this kind of entertainment. The question is whether you dare to try it and be a pilot for a day.

The Demon

28 metres from the ground at the highest point and three crazy loops! That is what awaits you when you board the Demon at Tivoli Copenhagen.

The Demon is known to be one of the most scream-inducing rides at Tivoli, so don't be surprised if you have a hard time holding the screams in. A photo is taken of you on this ride, so don't forget to smile!

The Star Flyer

80 metres high, The Star Flyer is one of Northern Europe's highest carousels. The view is exceptional, and if you've ever thought about what it must feel like to fly, The Star Flyer surely comes pretty close.

In the evening, The Star Flyer is illuminated, becoming part of the light show alongside the other lighting effects in Tivoli Gardens.

The seasons at Tivoli

The summer season at Tivoli Copenhagen runs from March/April to September – a popular season with holidaymakers and Friday Rock. The next theme at the gardens is Halloween, which runs from October to November, before being replaced by the Christmas season from the end of November to the end of December.

  • Summer at Tivoli Copenhagen

  • Friday Rock in the summer season

  • Halloween at Tivoli Copenhagen

  • Christmas at Tivoli Copenhagen

In the spring and between seasons, Tivoli Gardens’ rides are closed, but the amusement park is still open for performances in The Tivoli Concert Hall and The Glass Hall Theatre as well as restaurant visits.

Tivoli Friday Rock

Every Friday night during the summer season from April to September, the lawn is converted into a wonderful concert venue for well-known Danish and international names.

Over the years, artists such as Carpark North, Oh Land, L.O.C., Snoop Dogg, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Phlake, Kim Larsen and Dúné have taken Tivoli Gardens by storm and turned up the volume for Friday Rock.

The festival mood quickly spreads on Tivoli's lawn, and the music plays while carousels and roller coasters run in the background.

The combination of good music, happy people and coloured lights is essential for the Friday Rock mood at Copenhagen's Tivoli.

Tivoli's Concert Hall

All year round at The Tivoli Concert Hall and The Glass Hall Theatre, you can enjoy theatre, dance, stand-up, etc.

Wonderful shows in beautiful, cosy surroundings awaits you.

From Steel House Copenhagen to Tivoli Gardens

When you stay at Steel House Copenhagen, you are a mere 750 metres from Tivoli Copenhagen.

It is a walk of 10-15 minutes, a drive of just under 5 minutes, and less than 5 minutes if you take the S-train, hopping on at Vesterport Station and off at Copenhagen Central Station.




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